Stem Cell Therapy & Treatment

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About ABLOU Stem Cell Clinic

We are a team of medical researchers and practitioners who continuously provide safe and effective stem cells procedures. Today cell regenerative medicine has a significant potential for treating people. Unfortunately, some market participants abuse the trust of patients and sell unnecessary and/or unverified procedures.
We offer only proven procedures that improve health of patients and their loved ones. Stem cell therapy based on proven safety and efficiency, are now available for our patients. It helps when standard medicine failed.

We use several principles in our work:

1. All samples are collected in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
2. Quality control is carried out on 100% of collected samples.
3. We have implemented strong bioethical policies and up-to-date procedures to achieve the highest ethical standards in all our operations. All donors are protected by anonymity and have given legal consent.
Our clinic is based on the principle of personalized medicine, which lift stem cell treatment up to a completely new level.
We adapt the treatment for each patient. We understand that symptoms, age, disease progression, gender, health status and history of the disease are different and unique for each person. So we study carefully every detail and this approach allows us to choose the most optimal treatment.

What we treat

Today stem cells are used in the treatment of many complex diseases, including those that have been considered incurable for a long time

A huge advantage of treating cirrhosis with stem cells is the ability to use own cells of the patient.
The material is extracted from the inert brain and is grown to the required volume. The liver itself has capability of regeneration. Stem cell starts the process of restoring the former volume and condition of damaged part of the body due to division of healthy cells.
So, new stem cells contributes to the growth of a new healthy liver tissue.
With type 2 diabetes body does not make or use insulin well.
In other words, in healthy people, cells respond to insulin by letting glucose (sugar) into the cells from the bloodstream, but in people with diabetes type 2 cells become resistant to insulin and no longer let in glucose, leaving it to accumulate in the bloodstream. Stem cells supports pancreas, stimulates the sensitivity of insulin cell perception, immunity strengthening. The state of patients' health and quality of life are greatly improved.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) secrete anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic, immunomodulatory, and regenerative molecules that stimulate the repair and regeneration of inflamed or damaged tissues.
In the case of multiple sclerosis, MSC secretions stimulate the body to produce more T-regulatory cells (key for keeping the immune system in check), further modulate the immune system by decreasing the activity of dendritic cells (immune system activators), and exert a direct protective effect on the central nervous system. Stem cells restore even those areas that are affected by the disease by 80%. There is hope for the disappearance of persistent violations and complete recovery. Patients start stable and prolonged remission (weakening of the symptoms of the disease). Improving mental processes, restoring motor functions, fever of optimism and vitality.
Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a disabling and potentially deadly condition in which the heart weakens and cannot pump blood at a fast-enough rate to meet the needs of the body.
This approach is called cellular cardiomyoplasty nowadays. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have properties that make them a viable option for CHF treatment. MSCs exert potent anti-inflammatory activities, regardless of tissue of origin. Mechanistically, MSCs suppress Inflammation and modulate immune reaction through the secretion of cytokines. MSCs can also differentiate into cardiac-like cells and promote angiogenesis, delivering nutrients to the affected area and allowing regeneration.